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Picture of me at work Picture of me not at work
That picture is me at work, at an engineering research and consultancy organisation near Cambridge, UK, where I am the manager of an online database, Weldasearch. That is me at a games event. There are pictures of me at play but they are big and will take a long time to arrive.

My blogs (rarely added to)

I find it far easier to post short notes to Facebook (social) and Twitter (professional) but started these for the experience.

My photos (more often added to)

Role play games

Most of my pages are about roleplay games.
There are extensive notes on the adventures at the Ars Magica covenant of La Roche Caribet (Saxum Caribetum).
This saga has faded away, but I am still involved with Ars Magica, demonstrating as part of the Atlas Games Special Ops team occasionally, and writing a few small contributions for the game.
I contributed to Living Covenant, have small pieces published in Living Lore and Covenants and did quite a lot in City & Guild and The Lion and the Lily. My contribution to Realms of Power: Magic was quite small but I did more than two whole chapters for The Church

The Drones is a silly RPG some friends and I wrote.

I was at Gen Con UK 1999 and took a lot of pictures of our 'Ars Magica' activities.

I used to spend to much time on MultiUser games - online computer ones, but the RPGs have taken over.


My most recent cat Elliott was especially beautiful. His predecessors, Misty (a cat with a claim to fame) and Josephine, also have pages.


I have put up some holiday pictures taken in August, September 2003, January 2004 and my diary of my visit to David Chart in Japan during April-May 2004.

I have some holiday photos from online at including Japan and several pages of photos from my trip to New Zealand over Christmas 2005 and New Year 2006. There is also a collection of pictures from my 2010 birthday safari in Kenya, and from my 2011 trips to Chennai and Sri Lanka, plus many more photographs from business trips and holidays.

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