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Freelance work -

After over 40 years as an information professional, working mainly with bibliographic databases, I am now self-employed, taking freelance work on abstracting, editing, information architecture, metadata and search, with focus on joining technologies.

I volunteer with Catholic Concern for Animals and Animal Interfaith Alliance

My photos - holidays, cats, wildlife

Role play games

Most of my pages are about roleplay games.
There are extensive notes on the adventures at the Ars Magica covenant of La Roche Caribet (Saxum Caribetum).
This saga has faded away, but I am still involved with Ars Magica, demonstrating as part of the Atlas Games Special Ops team occasionally, and writing a few small contributions for the game.
I contributed to Living Covenant, have small pieces published in Living Lore and Covenants and did quite a lot in City & Guild and The Lion and the Lily. My contribution to Realms of Power: Magic was quite small but I did more than two whole chapters for The Church

The Drones is a silly RPG some friends and I wrote.

I used to spend to much time on MultiUser games - online computer ones, but the RPGs have taken over.


I have made pages for Elliott, who was especially beautiful and much photographed (Elliott's collection), for Misty (a cat with a claim to fame) and Josephine. Pictures of Portia and Lucina are collected on the web.

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