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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Vis and Service

10th June: News from the Rhine Tribunal

Aversus brought us news today, much to the relief of Maga Saskia, who has been noticeably anxious about the meeting of the Rhine Tribunal, held around the 23rd May, at which the matter of Marching Covenant Priscus was the main issue.

With all the magi of Priscus posted as 'missing', Priscus was expelled from the Order and Marched. I watched carefully as Maga Saskia read the letter, for of course, under the circumstances, she was the first of us to see its contents. She turned quite pale at one point - some threat towards former members of Priscus, perhaps. Once Iuris Perita finishes with the document, I will be able to see for myself what it contains. I do know that there was some specific mention of Saskia in the words reported from the Tribunal, thanking her for her assistance in some aspect of the investigation of Priscus, I think. Despite the taint of having been associated with such a disgraceful former home, I cannot but be impressed that she is mentioned by name.

Summer solstice 1221

This time we were prepared, and took particular precautions to watch out for the fae around our glade. I hope they learnt their lesson last year, for we were not troubled this time. We were able to collect all the Vis as we had last year - Animal, Terram and Herbam. I am not complaining about the good quantity of Herbam Vis we now have in store, but wish we might exchange it for something actually useful to me. Also in the store now, I have the enchanted stone cutting knife that Magus Joachus crafted for us last season and the odd Vis detection device that Magus Speculor created.

We held our Council meeting to decide on activities in the coming season and I was gratified that at last Iuris Perita made it known that she was appointing myself as her Deputy to attend the Normandy Tribunal as her representative. I had been so absorbed in looking forward to and planning for this that I had forgotten that, although a long journey, it would not take the full three months, but have agreed to spend what time I have over in copying out yet more spells. Saskia will also be writing this season as she has not completed all the translations required from her German books. Speculor will also be adding to our library so that we can have casting copies of some spells. Our percamenarius and book binder will not lack employment. Saskia and I suggested that Iuris Perita could make it her service this season to record on parchment some of her business, specifically the full story of her trip alone to St.Brieuc. She wriggled and made excuses. I did not press the matter since I feel sure she will tell me everything before I set out for Petrusca. I am not sure how long the walk will be but have consulted with Aversus and hinted that I would find it pleasing if he would agree that we travel together at least part of the way.

It has been suggested that, when at the Tribunal, I follow up the matter of the registration of the vis source on the north coast where the Air Elemental resides. Why was it first registered then allowed to drop? Have there been any problems reported by magi attempting to harvest the vis there? Is there someone else in the Tribunal who is better equipped than we to harvest it? I am aware that our claim to the source has been correctly registered, and I feel sure that with just a little more study I will have the skill and power to prevent that Elemental inconveniencing us, but until that time it is a great waste to see the vis unused. We may be able to negotiate an agreement with another Covenant to allow them to take it, in exchange for a portion of it, perhaps, until we can take it ourselves.

Other matters discussed at council were Longevity Potions for Joachus and Iuris Perita. Fortunately I need not think of this for a while for my own use. It will be interesting to discover how they decide to obtain these potions.

We have agreed that the quarryman will go out with the stone cutting knife to identify and obtain sources of adequate building stone so we can set those stone masons to work on constructing some more substantial buildings. It may be that practicality means that store rooms and rooms for the senior covenfolk must be constructed before work on our laboratories around the menhir can begin. We will be sending grogs out to try out the Vis detector, so a magus need only be involved once they are fairly sure of the location of Vis. The scribes are likely to be employed in copying out Bibles for sale and trade for a long time to come because this work is bringing us some much-needed income. Jimena intends to spend all the time she can spare in completing her study of the Spanish volumes on Astronomy.

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