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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Autumn Equinox: Two visitors from House Criamon

The Regio in Autumn

Whilst it was I who issued the invitation to Glomerulus scholae Criamonis filius Isocrateae ex Mummolides and Marpesius scholae Criamonis filius Gracili defecti ex Odela, I was not entirely sorry to have missed their visit.

I have spoken to several concerning the visit and managed to put together something of the discoveries made then. Rather to my surprise, it had very little to do with water, in contradiction to the expectations of both visitors.

The regio expanded to fill the clearing in the same fashion as in spring. Again as in spring, pathways were found leading north, east, south and west and each went to the same location as before, though rather changed in appearance to reflect the ending of the year. It was fortunate that we had not been obliged to make use of any of the vis in the form of metal symbols that we had obtained in spring for all were needed as 'keys' to unlock the paths. It is to be greatly hoped that we can duplicate these keys next spring so will be able to make some use of the vis.

I have seen the notes made by Iuris Perita to map out the paths that were discovered within the regio, and also the paths that are believed to lead out of the regio and into quite other places. One we know ends in Normandy. This was discovered by Joach, who walked along the path and disappeared! Someone had had the good sense to request from him an arcane connection and permission to use it before he attempted the path so it was not hard for Speculor to use 'Ear for Distant Voice' and find that Joach believed himself to be in Normandy. The covenant had sent Caspar, Alain and Zane, equipped with ample coinage and a supply of provisions, along the path to join Joach and the party were expected back soon.

As yet, there is no telling where the others paths from the regio go. Next year we shall be prepared and be able to investigate fully. It is frustrating that access to these fascinating places is so very limited.

The vision of Glomerulus which, with that of Elaboratus, brought the Criamon here, had indicated that there may be Roman remains, even a temple, to be discovered. It is disappointing that nothing more was found beyond two denarii, ashes of a pagan sacrifice and a section of paved road but these all confirm that the altar stone is Roman.

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