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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Winter 1221: Lessons and Learning

My study of 'Aegis of the Hearth' has been going very well so, on one of the first fine days of this miserably cold Spring, I decided to take a short break from the book and went outside. I was surprised to see what looked like a fight going on. I was alarmed to observe that those wielding swords against each other were all recognisably our own grogs. I was about to throw a mighty wind at them to make them stop when I noticed that the pair closest to me were my own shield grogs, Julius and Ignatius, who have always been the best of friends. I have to say they are dutiful and attentive for the moment I shouted "Desistan! " they broke off their quarrel and came to see what I needed them for. Thus I learnt that the Centurion has organised the grogs to train each other. This seems like a very sensible use of their copious free time and I am happy to allow my own grogs to participate as long as I am not inconvenienced by their absence. They explained that the Centurion himself was training some of the less-experienced grogs, Caspar the ever-helpful was training the more proficient, and that my own Julius was training the best swordsmen. I am proud of him, and the excellent tuition he had at the Covenant of Castellar.

A lecture from the Princeps

Perhaps it was the enthusiasm for teaching amongst the grogs that set her off. For that or some other reason, maga Iuris Perita decided that we needed a lesson on Hermetic law. I am, of course, so well acquainted with the Code of our illustrious Order that I could write it out in my sleep but perhaps she thought there were others of us who were in need of reminding and did not wish to single them out and embarrass them. I am thinking in particular of magus Constantine, who can hardly have had a good grounding in Hermetic law, coming from such a House in such a land. Not content with quoting the Code at us in unnecessarily stern tones, Iuris Perita went on to lecture us about a number of aspects of the Peripheral Code, almost all on the subject of using magic in front of mundanes. I believe she thinks that Constantine should have burnt all the raiders to cinders or touched none of them.

I confess I was rather worried when she went on to explain how very foolish we had been to announce to Lady Marta that we suspected infernal powers were aiding the bandits. She is sure that this area will swiftly gain a reputation as a place of demons. At first I thought this was a good thing as it would keep people away but I gather she is sure it will bring a great many powerful churchmen to investigate our settlement and this is entirely undesirable. I hope that they will not come and, if they do, that our resident priest will pacify them and send them away.

16th February: Ash Wednesday

Ignatius asked to be excused this morning to attend Mass on the grounds that it was the first day of Lent. It seemed to matter a lot to him so, of course, I let him go. I saw magus Constantine briefly when I went down to fetch a meal (an adequate fish stew of some sort) and noticed that he is wearing a crucifix at his belt. I am wondering if this is anything to do with it being Lent but I do not recall seeing Ignatius with anything like it and he is usually quite careful about his church observances.

21th February

I was rather surprised to find there was fish on the menu again today. I am sure we had it on Wednesday last and on Friday. I don't usually pay much attention to these things but magus Speculor made a bit of a fuss and thereby drew my attention to what I was eating. I gather that the priest has been here today, talking to the cooks and reminding them that we should all keep the Lenten fast and abstain from meat. I cannot say that it matters much to me but one week of fish stew is surely enough for anyone's soul.

From what I hear, Fr.Edwin preached yesterday about 'Easter Duties', saying we must all confess our sins and receive communion. I do realise that this is what one ought to do, but I do not see much point in wasting my time and that of the priest when I have done nothing wrong. Better he spends his time with those who are sinners.

11th March: Unexpected visitor

Glomerulus Criamonis, filius Isocrateae from Mummolides has arrived. He says he is come to help us investigate the characteristics of our regio at the equinox. I really do not think we need help but as long as he does not prevent us from gathering the Intellego vis, I can see no reason to hinder him.

12th March: Rego vis

I am quite sure now that I have every detail of 'The Aegis of the Hearth' off by heart and can successfully cope with whatever weather, astrological circumstance or any other likely variable aspect might occur. So, instead of sending someone to fetch my meal, I went myself to fetch it; fish again! I exchanged a few words with Glomerulus and took the opportunity of reminding the Vilicus that it was essential to send a few grogs out to collect the Rego vis from the patch of thorn bushes which I shall require to perform the ritual tomorrow.

Jehan was accumulating a small heap of kitchen utensils and the like, which he said was the lead, copper, silver and iron that we would need in the regio tomorrow. It is going to be a busy day.

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