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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Winter solstice's rituals

12th December: First ritual - council meeting and elections


Although it has been an honour to hold the post of Princeps of this covenant, I do not find it easy to manage the responsibility and concentrate on my work so would not mind too much if someone else took over. I nominated Iuris Perita as Princeps again this year but the others ruled that, since she was still absent so could not give her consent to the nomination, she could not stand. Speculor proposed that I take that post again for the coming year and the others agreed, so there it is.

Constantine has done a good job as Defensor but I was anxious that Joach, as a Senior member of the covenant, did not feel slighted so nominated him to take this post. He accepted and was voted in. I suggested that Constantine might serve as Librarius but the others spoke up for Speculor. Everyone will get their turn in the near future as we all take leave to visit our parens, so I am not much concerned.


Iuris Perita, Joach and Speculor are all due to perform covenant service this season. Joach has been asked to enchant a pair of bells, one to hang here in the tower and one in the village. If the one in the village is rung to sound an alarm, the one in the tower will ring too. Bertrand the merchant is to be asked to obtain suitable matched bells for this, which Joach will enchant. It will require a pawn of our precious vis, probably Imaginem. The bell in the village will probably be hung at the Manor House. We do not want to be woken every morning by someone ringing it to call people to daily Mass!

Having, in the past two seasons, written Tractatus on 'Arrow of Flame', Constantine has requested both on loan for the library this season so one can only assume he is making copies. I am to be busy continuing with copying the Magic Theory summa. There was some debate over the proposal that Speculor write a Liber Quaestionem on Intellego. I was in favour of a level 3 book, which Constantine supported. Joach wanted it to be level 0. Once Speculor understood that there were magi who had so little understanding of Intellego that such a low level book would be of use to them, he was keen to help them out of their ignorance so level 0 was agreed on. Since there is no telling what has delayed Iuris Perita and when she might be back, council agreed that, should she be back in time, she should be asked to distill vis. If she is late, she will have to count this as a private season and perform extra service next year.

13th December: Second ritual - Casting 'The Bountiful Feast

Today we gathered for the casting of 'The Bountiful Feast'. It took almost all our remaining Herbam vis. Surely there must be more to be had in the midst of this forest! Joach was here to perform the ritual. It is a pity that the spell is too difficult for him to be able to learn it in a season's study. Until his understanding of the relevant Arts is greater, we much take the risk of casting from text. Perhaps we should prepare a spare casting copy for when the inevitable happens!

Third ritual - Misrule and indulgence

All sorts of talk was flying about with people's confused memories of last year's feast. I determined to attend, but to drink very sparingly of the enchanted wine and observe. My main concern was the need to make sure a little wine was set aside late on in the proceedings so we would gain a little Muto vis again. I mentioned this to Jehan, and he said he would not drink any wine himself but would ensure two bottles were held back.

The feast started normally, except that the priest was not there to say a prayer before the food was served. The magi and Sir Achilles were at the top table, of course, but Lady Helissente was not there. I cannot say I was sorry that she was missing. I have managed to have nothing to do with her since she settled here, but I doubt her temper has improved. Her absence could confirm this. Rumour had reached me that Sir Achilles had been heard out in the fields early in the day issuing a formal invitation to the field fae to attend the feast. I did not imagine that they would behave any differently after being invited than they did when they came without an invitation.

Once it became clear that the fae were becoming visible to some people, and the behaviour of the coven-folk indicated that the wine had been affected by the fae, Sir Achilles stood up and announced the Season of Misrule. I had been drinking the wine until now, but limited myself to small sips after this, so as to retain control of things. Fulk, the illuminator, offended me greatly - had I been inebriated, we might have lost him. He came over to the top table and started insulting me as if I were a common whore. Remembering the excellent work he had done on my book during the summer and that he ought to be working on my Auram LQ this coming season, I only slapped him hard while dumbing him with Perdo Imaginem. At the same time I heard Joach casting and Fulk flew up into the air and landed on one of the cross beams high up in the roof of the hall. This was so funny that I almost forgot to be offended. Constantine, who was sitting next to me, explained that Fulk was always rude in his speech with women. We considered whether dumbing him permanently would be a good idea, and decided to teach him a lesson right away by leaving him up on the beam all night.

I drank a little more and watched the coven-folk. I noticed many couples pairing off, some, like Johan and Kadi, were married to each other. Most were not. Early in the evening I saw Amelle, she of the cat's eyes, leaving the hall with Luc and Horas the carpenters. Her sisters, Ana and Guen went out on either side of Pierre, the good-looking carpenter. I noticed that Guena was in the hall, and keeping away from Ignatius. He looked very unhappy when she smilingly put her arm through Redwald's. I hope I am not going to have to dismiss her for disrupting my shield grogs. I certainly don't want her pregnant again this coming year. I could not be sure what Abel was doing. I spotted him pouring wine into small containers. A little later he seemed to be trying to get Zane's attention while Zane was deep in conversation with something or someone I could not see, which was probably a tiny fairy.

My attention was brought back to the top table when Galliene approached Joach. There was some quiet talk, some laughter, and the pair slipped away together. I turned to Constantine to comment on this. He smiled, and a few minutes later we were on our way into the regio, each carrying a bottle of wine.

14th December - a quiet day

I woke with the chill when the Creo Ignem spell faded. Constantine was still asleep. He looked very lovely even now, so, being still very tired, I cast a small spell to raise the temperature again and settled back beside him to sleep on a while.

Some time later, I was back in my room. Julius and Ignatius were there but there was no sign of Guena. I know Ignatius loathes gossip so I waited until he left the room for a minute or two before I enquired of Julius whether there was anything particular he could tell me about the party after I had left. He said that Amelle had come back to the hall and left again, the second time with Speculor, and that Sir Achilles had been seen leaving the hall with Jimena. I decided to leave the business of finding the left-over wine and taking it to Jimena for distillation until the following day and decided to take the rest of the day off myself.

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