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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Part 8: Expedition to Wirbelnia

Since the diversions of Mid-Summer, I have continued to work in my room. The stone of the Tower responds adequately to MuTe and I have instructed grogs to build some suitable tables.

Iuris Perita has been away for a few days to investigate the intruder who invaded our glade at the Solstice. It was most inconvenient that she insisted on taking the best wood carver with her - it has delayed work on my tables. Iuris Perita would have said nothing whatever if she had been permitted, I believe, although she did appear rather smug. Indeed, she had full justification for being so since she brought us some vis. Of the matter leading up to the obtaining of the vis she would say precious little. Jimena told me what she could of the expedition but it was almost all trivia.

Jimena seemed very pleased with herself in the matter of engaging a boatman to ferry the group to the remote islands where Wirbelnia hides itself away. Jimena spoke about trying to treat seasickness with one of her herbal mixtures but having been none too successful. No doubt she needs more experience of the sea to get it right. I hope not to have my studies interrupted but, if I were obliged to travel, a sea voyage would be very interesting and provide many welcome opportunities to experiment with Aquam and Auram. I would not have noticed had Jimena not pointed them out to me, but we now have two new grogs, acquired on the journey. The man looks strong enough though I have no idea if his young sister will prove of any value.

I have put what I can into a letter to Petrusca, as follows:

"To the Honoured Magi of House Bonisagus at the Covenant of Petrusca from Speranda Filia Laurentii of Saxum Caribetum

Salvete Sodales

It may be of interest to you to learn something of a recent incident here. Certain Magics of the local area around our Covenant are subject to seasonal variation and the Summer solstice is a time of particular significance. The Fae become bolder at this time. Thus it was a reasonable assumption that the mischievous being who entered our glade uninvited and stole vis was a powerful Fae.

Careful investigation threw doubt on this view, so Maga Iuris Perita, mindful of the Code and her duty to uphold it, set about an investigation. When local enquiries brought no result, her suspicions turned upon the covenant of Wirbelnia, well-known to have a strong interest in the Fae. In order to assure herself and us that no-one there was guilty of annoying the Fae or of spying on their sodales, Maga Iuris Perita made the journey to Wirbelnia.

The details of her enquiries and their outcome have been passed to Objugator by Maga Iuris Perita, as is her duty, and she has said but little to the rest of us about the investigation but there is no doubt that Maga Gwenole of Wirbelnia was guilty of the intrusion and she has paid the agreed fine both to House Guernicus and to Saxum Caribetum. Our recompense took the form of two pawns each of Aquam and Imagonem vis and one of Auram.

The coven-folk who attended Maga Iuris Perita on her expedition have been full of rumour and gossip but I have managed to extract a little sense from this. They saw but little of the Covenant itself which appears to be located in a modest House a short march from the coast and close to a chapel of the Dominion. Even those grogs who have lived in the service of the Order all their lives reported that the grogs who met them there were strange.

It was apparently a priest who met Maga Iuris Perita and sent word of her arrival to Gareth o'Fflint, which seems rather irregular to me. Our people were entertained civilly but not generously for the short time it took the Quaesitor to finish her business. On the day of our arrival they found nothing greatly out of the ordinary except a deal of shouting and other noise from behind closed doors just before nightfall.

All were warned that on no account should they venture forth from their allotted rooms after dark - alas none were brave enough to ignore the injunction for the sake of satisfying my curiosity on this matter. On the morning of the second day nothing much occurred until Maga Iuris Perita emerged from somewhere in the depths of the building looking very satisfied and announced that business was concluded and they were to set off on the return journey without delay."

I hope this will put me in at least some little favour at Petrusca. The important thing is that we have acquired two pawns each of Aquam and Imagonem vis and one of Auram.

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