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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

The back door from Wirbelnia

3rd September: A letter from Wirbelnia

Aversus brought us an unwelcome letter from Wirbelnia today. There seems to be some sort of disturbance in the lower levels of the caves beneath the covenant there, and it seems that Gareth o Fflint believes that Saxum Caribetum is somehow to blame. He refers to the pillars in their deep caves that resemble those in our regio, and apologises for Gwénolé not having followed this up as I asked her to. He says the disturbances have been going on for several years and are strongest around the equinoxes, which is enough to convince him that they are caused by something we are doing here in our regio. I cannot believe this is so, since we have hardly spent any time on exploration in the regio in the last couple of years, and have done nothing experimental since we constructed the wooden staircase. Someone is going to have to go and persuade him that it is not of our doing and smooth things over. We can hardly afford to lose one of our closest allies to such a misunderstanding.

An irregular Council meeting was convened, attended only by Joach, Speculor and myself. It is believed that Constantine may have gone off somewhere; there was no response to the message we sent urging him to attend this important meeting and that grog, Maud, has not been seen outside his door for a few days. Of course, she may be inside with him, so that itself is not firm evidence of his having left. Somehow, it was quite quickly decided that someone who had almost completed their study for this season and who was going to be on service next season should go, and that meant me. We took the opportunity to agree what each was to do in the coming season: Joach hesitated a little but in the end chose to borrow the primer on Vim; Speculor is to work on a spell to help us see regio boundaries and I shall start to write that tractatus on magic theory as soon as I get back. I intend to spend some time on the journey to and from Wirbelnia getting my plans for the book firmly settled in my mind.

9th September: Departure

We are setting off for Wirbelnia soon. In case it turns out that the problem they have really is connected to our regio, I am taking with me one each of the metal keys, and since the lowest caves in Wirbelnia are flooded, which suggests that any link is most likely to be with the glade of the moon, I shall take an extra silver key and the pearl that allows one to breathe under water. That makes five pawns of Intellego vis that I shall be carrying. I doubt that my sodales will be at all pleased if I use any of the keys for their vis, but if I must, I can. I have discussed the problem with Speculor and we have agreed that he will make sure that he is in the Luna glade at the equinox in case anything happens. I decided against taking the cooking pot, because it is iron and smells ghastly and I cannot eat anything that comes out of it because of the taint, and I decided to leave the tent behind because we should not find it difficult to obtain accommodation in St.Brieuc and Wirbelnia will have to provide hospitality once we reach there. In addition to Gwenna, Julius and Ignatius, I shall take Ellie and Abel. Our intention is to walk to St.Brieuc, where we shall stay overnight, and there find a boat to take us to Wirbelnia.

12th September: Arrival at Wirbelnia

Our journey here went fairly well, although I feel sure that Abel should not have paid so much silver to persuade the owner of a smelly fishing boat to ferry us here. I found it necessary to use a little Rego Aquam magic to reduce the strong counter current which was making it very hard for our boatman to bring us to the shore. He said it was a difficult coast but this current was stronger than usual, so I felt sure he would not notice if I reduced it a little, and I was able to cast the spell unobtrusively by being careful about choosing my moment.

We were greeted by Huidemar, the grog captain, who conducted us to the prosperous little farm that forms the part of Wirbelnia that is above ground. As he was leading us downwards through the tunnels and caves to where the magi live, I was accosted by a strange old woman who pointed at me and wailed something about "Beware the water; beware the weeds that snatch!". I noticed that Huidemar had a look on his face that suggested this was not so strange to him so when we had moved on a little, I asked him about the woman; in particular, I was concerned that her words appeared potentially relevant to my investigation. He spoke of her as a mad old woman but mentioned that her visions were sometimes accurate, which worried me since I would rather not have to attempt Herbam spells against water weeds. I was shown into a comfortable room neatly carved out of the rock where Gwenna helped me change out of my travelling clothes.

I did not have long to wait before a servant arrived to conduct me to Gareth. He spoke in a friendly fashion and presented me with a casting token. He went on to tell me in more detail just what their problem was. He started by reminding me that the lowest caverns were partially or wholly flooded at high tide when the covenant moved in. In the last few years, which he seemed to think matched the time that we have been living at Caribet, grogs have reported from time to time that there are currents down there that grab at them, and this happens most frequently around the equinoxes. When they call for help, the magi respond but by the time anyone gets down there, the trouble has passed. Mentem spells had been used to check that the grogs firmly believed that what they were reporting was true. Gareth said that the pillars Gwénolé told me about are certainly down there, and he suspects that they are the focus for the disturbances. I made sure to keep any hint that we accepted any blame out of my questions and comments, but I came away feeling he was convinced it was of our doing, and so for me to resolve.

13th September: Beneath Wirbelnia

My host has assigned two strong soldierly-looking grogs to attend me. I assume this is no suggestion that they feel my own are not up to the task of protecting me, but more a matter of keeping an eye on what I am doing. Eustache and Fiebras are all very well, but they carry iron weapons and wear armour with steel plates so I am keeping my distance from them. It is fortunate that in the lower levels the smells of the sea are strong enough to partly mask the stink of iron. Both Eustache and Fiebras arrived armed with large tridents which they claim are essential to fight off the water serpents. The grogs here believe that it is sometimes water serpents and sometimes some tentacled beast, perhaps a giant octopus, that grabs at them in the water, but I suspect it is more likely a water elemental of some kind. So sure are they of the threat that they insisted on lending iron tridents to my Julius and Ignatius, so I had to put up with the smell from them too.

We left Abel behind, for although he was very useful on the journey, I did not think we would require his talents down below. Ellie came part of the way down with us, but her skill is with the crossbow, which was going to be useless in the water so we left her on guard in the passage safely above the high water mark then descended the stairs into the water. It was very cold and some of the passages were full of water so we were entirely immersed for a short while. I handed Julius the magic pearl and explained to the grogs that, if necessary, I would cast a spell on myself to enable me to breath under water, and that Julius was to put the pearl in his mouth and keep close by me if it came to it, but that I did not expect the other grogs to risk drowning. Eustache and Fiebras guided us through the caves and tunnels, pointing out the places where, they said, grogs had felt tentacles wrapping round them, or had been attacked by the sea serpent. Intellego Aquam told me that the seawater was entirely natural. Eventually we reached the cave that Gwénolé had told me about. It was, by the look of it, a natural wave-worn cave but with a floor that may have been leveled artificially. It was flooded to about waist depth. Eustache and Fiebras took up positions at the entrance to the cave, tridents at the ready. I went first to the centre of the cave and looked all around. It looked like other caves we had come though, but then I remembered that Gwénolé had said that the pillars were against one wall so I returned to the entrance and started carefully around the wall, going to the left.

The Wirbelnia pillars and a magic regio

Against the cave wall, opposite the entrance, I found the pillars. Actually, I found the first by walking into it, and then the other was easy to see. Between the two I could see a gateway that looked like a boundary of a regio. I was careful not to cross that boundary as I felt around the sides of the pillars, investigating the carvings with my fingers. It was hard to be sure what they were like so, although I knew it was risky to cast a spell with so much vis in my pouch and the regio so close, I expected that the local magical aura was sufficient that in combination with the increased ease I find with casting when soaked, all would be well. Indeed it was, and Rego Aquam cleared all the water out of the cave for long enough for me to complete my preliminary investigation. Eustache and Fiebras noticed the change and stepped through into the dry. Now I could see the pillars clearly, I felt almost certain that the carvings were the same as on some in our regio, yet I was annoyed with myself for failing to bring any means of recording the carvings.

By holding up one of the lanterns, I was able to peer through the gateway between the pillars and see that beyond lay a square room, apparently artificially cut from the rock. There were four pillars standing in a square formation in the centre. The room was flooded and the waters swirled. I decided to step through. I called Eustache and Fiebras over and explained to them what I intended. Of course, all they could see was the cave wall between the pillars, but when my own grogs confidently put a hand on my shoulders, the Wirbelnia grogs did the same (perhaps it was my air of confidence and authority, or maybe they just did not wish to appear at all nervous in front of Julius and Ignatius). Together we all stepped through.

Once in the room, I saw that there was a carving on the opposite wall. Going closer, it was clear to see that it was just like that in the rock in the pool in our glade of Luna. I turned my attention to the water and cast an Intellego Aquam spell to learn that the water was swirling unnaturally. The magical aura was noticeably higher here than the level four that covers most of Wirbelnia. I then cast Intellego Terram while touching the wall of the room and was thrilled to learn that it was carved over a thousand years ago. It reminded me strongly of the hard-to-reach magical room inside our own regio. By now I was so excited and intrigued that I hardly cared whether our activities at Caribet were causing problems here. I cast another Rego Aquam spell to clear the waters from this room also. They swirled around like a whirl pool and shrank back into the centre of the room. Then I could see that within the space marked out by the four central pillars was a pool ringed by a silver band. There were runes carved around the ring, and carvings on the pillars similar to those on our own pillars; again I regretted my poor planning. The pillars were undamaged, firmly fixed, and showed no signs of having any further gateways between them.

I decided to try putting one of the silver crescent moon shaped keys into the carved space in the wall. There was a flash of light as I did so, just like we find at home. Now I could see that the pool in the centre was the top of a deep well. I removed the key. There was another flash of light, but the well remained visible. I approached the well and as I got close, I could feel a strong pull towards it. Fearing to be sucked in, I retreated and replaced the key in the hole in the wall. There was still the same pull from the well at the same distance from it. I decided then that I had discovered things which needed thinking about. I know I have two more days before the equinox, and so there is no need to be hasty.

Blaming Gwénolé, blaming myself

It was certainly a relief to get dry. I fear Gwenna is unhappy about the damage the salt water is likely to do to my clothes, but no doubt she will manage. She had a fresh gown ready for me to put on before I went to report something of today's findings to Gareth. On my way to his rooms I met Mari Amwithig. I find her hard to talk to and hoped to avoid more than polite greetings but she seemed determined to ask about my business here. She had a good idea what I was about and gave it as her opinion that any disturbance was the fault of Gwénolé. I was surprised and rather pleased to know that Gwénolé had done sufficient investigation down there to be in a position to stand accused of causing trouble. Although she could give me no detail of what Gwénolé had done in the caves, Mari Amwithig was convinced that the reports of attacks from the grogs dated from Gwénolé's visit to the pillars.

I told Gareth that I had to agree that one of the caves deep below Wirbelnia was linked to the regio around the menhir at Caribet, and spoke enthusiastically of this splendid opportunity for research before I realised that I was giving rather too much support to his accusations. He must have been pleased about this as he kindly invited me to make the acquaintance of his smith to talk about equipping the Wirbelnia grogs in bronze, which would offend me less than their present equipment while suffering less from the salt water.

The smith's daughter

Whilst it was a useful offer, I could not bring myself to go to the smithy with all that horrid iron about, so I stood in the corridor about as close as I could stand and sent Julius to make contact with the smith. He was gone rather longer than I has anticipated. Eventually he appeared, accompanied by an enormous woman, some eight feet tall, wearing a tight leather waistcoat that hardly covered her over-ample bosom. Julius was gazing at her, and hardly took his eyes away to introduce her as Passerose, daughter of the smith. Passerose was taking little notice of Julius, so I had her full attention while expressing my wish that two of the Wirbelnia grogs be equipped with bronze armour and weapons, if at all possible. I assumed that she would say that she would see what they had, but it appears that she believes they can actually make these things overnight. They must have some very special enchantments active in the forge here to make that possible. She asked to see a bronze weapon so I told Julius to show her his weapon. He was a little clumsy drawing it, what with his attention so fixed on the woman's chest. Passerose was satisfied that they could produce something suitable by morning, so I left the grogs to their own devices for a while and went to seek Gwénolé.

Talking with Gwénolé

I found Gwénolé and Mari Amwithig deep in discussion in the magi's common room. They stopped as soon as they saw me and, although I apologised for interrupting and made to leave, they assured me they were finished and Mari flounced out. I asked Gwénolé about any investigations she might have done down in the caves, but she denied having done anything there, saying it was all boring and that she had far better things to do. I could not tell whether she was being truthful or just being unhelpful because she is still angry with me over her former apprentice. Eventually she remarked that it was probably one of Mari Amwithig's friends down there causing the trouble, and it dawned on me that perhaps the relationship between these two Merinita magae was such that each would accuse the other regardless of the truth.

14th September: Bait

Julius and Ignatius both arrived at my door this morning carrying bronze tridents. There seems to be some joke going on between them, to judge by their behaviour, but I trust them to keep their minds on my business when on duty. The two Wirbelnia grogs assigned to me arrived a moment later, fully equipped in bronze, which I took as a sign of considerable favour from Gareth. Seeing my surprise at all this being ready so quickly, Julius told me that the smith here is a very unusual fellow, small and wiry but with astonishing strength. Julius appeared to think that this might have something to do with the swirling blue patterns all over the man's face, but I doubt it. The smith's daughter was also mentioned, and Ignatius appeared uncomfortable for a moment.

We all returned to the lower caves as before, leaving Ellie close to the top of the last staircase. Once we had walked a little way through the water, and reached one of the places where a grog reported being attacked recently, I spent a while performing a very careful casting of an Intellego Aquam spell, particularly taking into account the current position of the moon since the water here is tidal. Alas, despite my attention to such details, my spell was not powerful enough to give me any information about what lurked in the waters to attack grogs. Slowly and carefully, we progressed through the caves and tunnels, back to the cave where the pair of pillars stand against the wall. We went in formation so that two of the grogs were some fifteen paces ahead of me and the other pair a similar distance behind, hoping to lure what ever it is into making an attack, but nothing happened. I was disappointed but no doubt the grogs felt otherwise.

Talking to the Herbam magi

After we had returned to the dry levels and changed, I went to see if I could find any of the other magi of Wirbelnia to see what I could learn from them, I found Alan Kerbol, looking even older than Jehan and more frail than I have ever seen before in a magus. With him was his latest filius, Alain le Barazer, a young man not very long out a gauntlet. The elder magus left most of the talking to his filius to start with, and, knowing the pair to be specialists in Herbam, I discussed with Alain the possibility that it was some seaweed or other plant that was wrapping itself around the grogs. He was certain that no plant could grow down there in the dark. I then went on to ask questions about the early days of Wirbelnia, which did draw Alan into the conversation. He and Gareth were the founder members, some 180 years ago, when Alan Kerbol was already a well-established magus. Clearly Alan has had some magical accident or a difficulty with his longevity magic, since he almost looks that old. His memory did not seem to be failing, though, and he had much to say on the founding and development of the covenant but nothing he could tell me touched on the pillars below.

15th September: Rubbings

This was my last day for investigation before the equinox. I spent most of the day down in the caves, the water held back with Rego Aquam, while I took very careful copies of all the carvings, inscriptions and runes on the pillars and the silver ring around the pool. I did my best to draw each onto parchment with ink, and I also used charcoal to take impressions by rubbing it over thin parchment held firmly over the carved stone. Whilst doing this, I made the discovery that the water in the silver-ringed pool exerts a force on anyone carrying one of our regio keys, as if to drag them into the pool, but not on those who are not carrying one.

When I had these copies of the inscriptions and carvings, I wanted to examine them in good light and quiet, warm, dry surroundings. I thought this might be a good opportunity to try and gain access to the library here, so as to make a note of what books they have, but I was only allowed to make use of the scriptorium. It was useful to study the copies, and I am fairly certain that the inscription around the silver ring is very like to those we saw by casting Intellego Vim spells on the pillars in our own glades when we were investigating how the damaged ones should be placed. I am sure that Speculor will be very interested to see these. I spent a while obtaining a waterproof pouch large enough to safely contain these precious pictures, since I anticipate having to take them with me tomorrow when I investigate the pool more closely.

16th September: The equinox

Inside the well

Since I am expecting that we shall have to dive into the whirling pool, and I have only one magical pearl to allow a grog to breath under water, I asked Gareth if he would arrange to have the other three grogs given the ability to breath underwater for the day. I wish I had not had to ask, but my own abilities are as yet only sufficient to cast such a spell on myself. So protected, I, my shield grogs and the Wirbelnia grogs went down, through the caves and tunnels, and through the gateway between the pillars, back into the ancient room. I explained to the grogs what I was expecting to do, and they looked worried, but it is their job to do as I tell them and I was sure it would be alright. I put the silver crescent into the carved space in the wall of the room, which turned the central pool into a well, removed the key and put it safely away, and then, all holding onto each other, I had us all jump into the well.

We fell about eighty feet down the well shaft, where it was very dark and the water all around us was very cold. By the light of one of the waterproof lamps belonging to Wirbelnia, I could see three tunnels leading away. I used Intellego Terram to discover how long each tunnel was and something about where it ended. All three led to underwater caverns, each different, and the tunnels were of differing lengths: around thirty, fifty and sixty feet. I decided to begin with the shortest. Before we set off, I cast a Creo Ignem spell on all of us to keep us warm for the rest of the day despite the cold water. The caverns at the end of each tunnel, large, weedy and with many tunnels opening in their sides at many levels, looked to me very like what Constantine described having discovered underneath the pool in our glade of Luna. Each was different, but there seemed no reason to choose one rather than another. I tried Intellego Terram but the complex of caverns and tunnels was too large for me to learn anything helpful about it.

Before exploring any of the caverns further, I decided to test whether it was possible to return to the room above by ascending the well shaft. A Rego Corpus spell took us upward safely, despite my having a little difficulty with it. It was good to know that it was so easy to get out of the well. To see whether it made any difference, I put the silver key back into the hole in the wall and this time I left it there when we all approached the well again, intending to jump in. I noticed that now, instead of the rough-walled shaft I saw last time, the well shaft appeared smooth and regular. We all jumped in together again, but this time, instead of landing on the ground at the foot of the shaft, we fell for a while and then found ourselves being swept rapidly along a tunnel in a torrent of water. When the rushing water threw us out of the end of the tunnel, we found ourselves in Caribet's regio, in the water glade, and there was Speculor waiting for me!

Inside the regio

I was so excited at this amazing discovery, and quickly told Speculor a bit about it, but I was worried about having had to leave the silver key behind in the wall at Wirbelnia which, I expect, meant the gateway was open for anyone from there to enter our regio. There was also the matter of the grogs, of course - I had two of theirs and they had two of ours, which might have been a fair exchange but had not been discussed and agreed. Assuring Speculor that I would return and fill in all the details, either by the route I just used or the traditional way, I took the grogs back into the pool and managed to lead them all back through the water to Wirbelnia, where I retrieved the silver key. It was getting late and I was tired, and it seemed that the only way to get back to Caribet with the silver key was to walk, so I went back upstairs to dry out.

An expensive botch

With such exciting news, I wanted to see Gareth right away, but he was nowhere to be seen. There were servants rushing about and one of them said something to me about "a big ritual going on outside". I made my way quickly to one of the windows that look out into the farm and saw a large group of people forming a ring around a small figure which looked like the elderly magus Alan Kerbol. I found the door and headed towards the crowd, curious to see what was going on. When I got close enough to hear Gareth shouting " No! Take it all back to the library!" and saw that Alan was clutching to himself a huge bundle of plants and roots, and I believe there were stones and crystals in amongst them, I guessed that the old magus was about to do something with a huge amount of vis and I did not want to be anywhere close by if things went wrong, so I hastily retreated. I had only just got back indoors when I felt a great magical disturbance.

I cautiously peered outside and saw that where Alan had stood, there was now an immense oak tree of venerable age. Alain was casting a spell, as was Gareth. Gwénolé and Mari were standing on opposite sides of the tree. Looking for someone approachable, I spotted the Redcap Bartholomeus. I heard Gareth saying to Alain, "You knew he was going to do it!" in an accusatory tone. Bartholomeus confirmed my suspicions that whatever Alan had been doing, it was not sanctioned by the other magi, yet he had taken their full store of Herbam vis. Bartholomeus told me that Alan had come out with the stated intention of casting a new fertility ritual spell of his own devising but that he probably intended to pass into Twilight rather than continue to get so decrepit, and the oak tree was the magus himself.

With so much trouble going on and all the Wirbelnia people distracted, I have decided to put as much of my findings as I wanted Gareth to know into a note and stay in my room until tomorrow. I want to do a little more exploring tomorrow, and then go home, by one route or another.

17th September: Exploring our regio

The magi of Wirbelnia are still in a flap about Alan Kerbol, though how much of the fuss concerns the unfortunate state of the magus and how much the loss of vis it is hard to say. So, since I could not ask anyone to assist me by giving the grogs the power to breathe underwater, I had to leave Ignatius outside the gateway between the pillars with Eustache and Fiebras and continue with Julius alone. I placed the silver key in the wall and left it there. Julius and I entered the pool and fell through the smooth well shaft and were swept through to the pool in the Caribet regio, just as on the previous day. It was interesting to find that the route worked even when it was no longer the equinox because, of course, we cannot enter any of the glades from the menhir except on the equinoxes themselves.

Ignatius probably thought I had gone and left him behind, for Julius and I were a long time walking around inside the Caribet regio. All the paths between the glades were accessible, except that there was no sign of the paths that we have been accustomed to use that lead to the menhir. It appears probable that, should one choose to remain in one of the glades at sunset on the equinox and had made suitable provision, one would be able to live in the regio which opens up some interesting research options. Eventually I had satisfied myself that everything was as we usually find it apart from those missing paths, and I was ready to take the return trip back to Wirbelnia's caves. I had felt sure that it would be easy, and indeed it was. I removed the silver key from the wall and went through the gateway.

Although I was glad to see Ignatius unharmed, I was a little disappointed that nothing had attacked any of the three grogs all the time I had been away. I regret that I shall be leaving without having found any clue as to the reported assailant. Since Gareth told me that the 'disturbances' were most marked around the equinox, I suspect that this route may only be open a few days either side of the equinox, but I would have to linger here for several more days, perhaps a week or longer, to test this and I do not think I have the time at present.

By the time I had dried and changed, things appeared to be returning to normal in the covenant. I sent Abel to negotiate for a boat to ferry us away the next morning. Wirbelnia's own boatmen are willing to take us.

21st September: Return to Caribet

I am glad to be home again, and keen to report all that I have seen before setting to work on the book I plan to write about the fluctuating auras we studied at mid-Summer. I have put into the library the copies I made of the markings on the pillars and the silver ring at Wirbelnia. Next time we are able to enter the regio from the menhir, I must seek any trace that the pool in the glade of Luna ever had a ring of silver about it. I did notice that the end of the shaft in our pool looked as if there might once have been a lip to it, so perhaps some Intellego magic there will be helpful. I hope that there will be time before then to make a close comparison of the drawings I brought with me and those we made of our own pillars.

Floristan of Jerbiton

I have been introduced to Floristan, a magus of House Jerbiton who has applied to join our covenant. His Gift is not obvious, but he has an intimidating look in his eyes and I did not feel like challenging his claim to be a magus in good standing. We will have to send to Iuris Perita to make enquiries about him before agreeing to anything. Floristan says that he comes originally from Ravenna, in Lombardy, but he had more recently be living in the Levant, at a short-lived covenant called Spes Nova. Life in the Levant had, apparently, ceased to suit him, a fact entirely related to the attack on Spes Nova by an angered jinn, I gather. My fear was that this jinn might very well be heading this way in pursuit of Floristan, but he assured me that this was not the case. I hope I can believe this! He speaks simple Latin but knows only a few words of Francien so he can hardly communicate with our grogs and servants.

I hear that his arrival was announced by a messenger from Lady Marta. Floristan had travelled from the north and spent a night at Plaintel as Marta's guest. He must have aroused her suspicions somehow for she had sent a messenger at first light to warn Jehan that an apparent nobleman with scholarly interests was asking how to reach Caribet. Before coming here, he visited several covenants in this tribunal, including Petrusca, Mummolides and Odela. He claims to be seeking somewhere to settle that does not have an arch mage, or any other very senior magi, and where there is scope for a young magus to develop. He has a particular interest in the Art of Rego, which I was glad to hear, though I was disappointed that he brings no books on that or on anything else with him. He is accompanied by Farrukh, a large moor, a warrior named Stephan, a servant, Marco, who can see spirits, and Zinaida, an exotic-looking woman who he says is a poet, dancer, and scribe with some knowledge of healing. He has been allowed to stay in the cottage we reserve for Hermetic visitors but he cannot stay there indefinitely. I understand that there is talk of having a new building put up that is large enough for him to set up as a laboratory, if we allow him to stay, and which we can surely find some good use for if we do not admit him. In the mean time, Floristan should be given useful tasks to perform by Council to prove his good intention and show his worth. My vote would be for him to write a tractatus on Rego, so I could find out just how well he understands it, but I doubt that my sodales would choose this as his first service. It has been suggested that we send him out vis hunting so he can get to learn his way about the area, first in the forest and then, in Winter, to the peat bogs, and we can have accommodation built for him while he is away.

23rd September: Iuris Perita returns

Without giving anything away about why she left in the first place or why she chose now to return, Iuris Perita is back after three seasons, presumably spent at Objurgator or on Quaesitorial business elsewhere. It is quite amusing that no sooner had she settled back into her sanctum than Council decided to send her off vis hunting! We certainly need to keep up our efforts to locate those Arts of vis which are not available to us from reliable sources, so it is a good idea and I voted for it. It's not as if she would pass on interesting or useful information gathered during her absence and I expect we can cope with her being away a bit longer.

I mentioned my intention to plant the faerie acorn tomorrow morning. Iuris Perita objected! She had some concern about encouraging the fae. I expect she was worried that we might somehow contravene the Code if we associated with them. We only had to remind her that a low level faerie aura over the village was vastly preferable to a Dominion aura to banish her objections, so I shall go ahead and plant it.

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