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Covenant of La Roche Caribet

Known Renewable Vis Sources

TypeSourceTypical yield
Animal Dung from animals observed speaking on mid-Summer Eve 2 pawns
CorpusCorporeal remains retrieved from peat bogs during Winter4 pawns per year (1 per body part)
Root vegetables having a man-like form from the Covenant kitchen garden during late SummerVariable [1]; 1 pawn per vegetable
Herbam Moss from beard trimmings from faces on trees around the Menhir inside the central Regio at dawn on mid-Summer day 5 pawns (1 per tree)
Golden acorns from the Faerie Oak at the edge of the East Field, in Autumn3 pawns (1 per acorn)
ImaginemBluebells from the enhanced regio within the Covenant glade on the spring equinox - kept as extract processed by our perfumier3 pawns
MutoIf the Field Fae join in the annual mid-Winter feast that follows directly after the casting of "The Bountiful Feast", and wine served during the latter half of the feast can be set safely aside or sufficient dregs are collected the following morning, it may be distilled to yield vis. Contested source2 pawns
PerdoIf we offer a suitable gift, the Sirens in a cave on the north coast of Brittany will give icicles in exchange. Contested source4 pawns
RegoFlowers that bloom in late March within a circle of protective thorn bushes4 pawns
Terram Stone from Menhir face's beard at dawn on mid-Summer day 2 pawns
IntellegoMetal shapes obtained by MuTe of iron, silver, lead and copper in the appropriate symbol in each of 4 special areas to N, S, E and W of our menhir during the spring equinox4 pawns (1 per symbol)

[1] Vis from root vegetables is D10/2 rounded up

Updated 1/03/2005