Journal of Virginia Hyde

26th May

Head still hurting and feeling very weak. I wanted to go back to the Pension but Lady H. said the Dr. recommended I spend a little time at this Sanatorium 'Santa Esmeralda'. Am too ill to protest.

27th May

Head still hurting - hardly a Surprise given the dreadful Din that woke me several times in the middle of the night. The Plumbing here seems to be in a very poor State. I have Complained and requested removal to a quieter Room but Dr. Pfretz, who runs this Place, says all the Rooms have the new Plumbing and none would be quieter and he has called in the Plumbers. The sooner I am out of here the Better.

Lady H. kindly called in to Visit this morning. I ask her to complain about the Noises too. Count Z. called in during the evening and we talked about the Expedition he had made during the Day. Oh to be hiking in the Hills again!

28th May

Another disturbed Night. Not only the Plumbing but a Scream. I noted the Room at the time and overheard something about 'Evil'. Tried the WC on way back to my own room - no more Noise from it than one would expect. Told Lady H all this when she came to call. She is tracing a Maid who left here yesterday and was overheard talking about Something she had seen that scared her. Am reassured that Plumbers are still on the Premises, though these are Italian Plumbers so not that reassured.

Chose a Quiet moment to pop in on the Italian Woman who screamed last night. Almost impossible to get any Sense out of her amidst the Litany of Saints she kept calling on but I gather she claims to have seen a Face looking at her from inside the WC. I looked in there while returning to my room. Infuriatingly, I slipped when attempting to Stand on the Toilet seat to see out the Window and I now have my Ankle swollen and bandaged.

Lady H called again a little later, after visiting the Maid. Seems she saw a Face in the laundry sink which scowled at her or some such Stuff. Disturbances have been going on for 5 or 6 days. Says the place was Exorcised with no effect - wrong Treatment or not done Correctly? I took a turn in the Garden with Lady H which was Painful but good to get some Fresh Air at last.
Count Z called in during the Evening. He thinks we need the Services of Metaphysical Plumbers to sort out the Noises. He had an encounter with a mysterious Voice near the Gate of the Sanatorium on his way here. He thinks it is the Fae and Reports that Lady H is planning to call on Sr. Verbinelli tomorrow. At the Count's suggestion, I meditated and concentrated and found an Indication that there was some use of Magic about the Vicinity. I don't know what the Nurse standing by thought but we conversed always in French which she seems not to Understand so I doubt it matters what she thinks. My headache came back after this Effort and I was glad to Sleep.

29th May

Woken just before Sunrise by that Dreadful Knocking in the Pipes again. Lady H brought in some very welcome Books for me before she set off to see Sr.Verbinelli - maybe I will survive here until my Ankle mends at least.
Count Z made his usual Evening call; so kind. He has been to talk to Sr.Alchadera, Supervisor of Waterworks at the Town Hall and discovered that these Night-time Disturbances are happening all over the more affluent areas of Trieste, wherever the new wide-bore Pipes have been installed, linking into the old Sewers.

30th May

Got up in the small hours to visit the WC. Taken by Surprise when a grinning Creature popped up out of the Bowl. It seems upset that I did not Scream. I guessed it was of the Fae and wished I had brought my Horseshoe with me. I spoke with it a while and learnt that it believes it has a Job to do, looking after the Pipes. It claims that it is not in its Nature to be Quiet and that it gets Bored so amuses itself scaring people. I assured it that I was by no means Scared and told it to go away and leave people in Peace.

Compared Notes with Lady H and Count Z when they called in together during the morning. They had been reading about the Fae and we decided that we may be able to drive it away by offering to Pay it for the work it does looking after the Pipes as that would Offend it.

Count Z returned in the Evening with Sr. Alchadera, who was very nervous. They had an Impressive looking but purely Fictional Contract of Employment that Lady H and the Count had devised to present to the Fae. It looked very Authentic to me. The intention was for us all to search the Building as Night drew in to Lure the Fae. I soon got tired of waiting for it and called and it came. I had to keep it Talking, mainly about its Pipes, until Sr. A and the Count arrived with the Document. Lady H came and struck up a Conversation with it.

We learnt that some 80 years ago it had lost a bet with Sr.A's Grandfather and since then it has tended the Pipes at night. Now the new, larger Pipes were installed, it could go closer to the Houses. It Complained about all the Work it had to do. After some clever Negotiation. Lady H struck a bargain in which the Fae would continue to look after only the old Sewers, and it would get a couple of Days off Duty once in a while. This will Hold until the post of Supervisor of Waterworks is no longer held by a descendant of the Alchadera family, after which the Kobold will be free. This suited Sr.A because it means he can continue to reply on the Creature to tend the pipes at Night and can avoid having to ask his men to work at Night and can thus save Money.

My Dratted Ankle is much better and I intend to return to the Pension tomorrow then, up into the Hills!