Elliott in his garden
Elliott in his garden

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Elliott came to me from Seysiana cats. At eight years old, he seemed to be finding the co-operation and sharing required in a multi-cat household to be a bit too demanding, and the kittens were starting to get on his nerves so it seemed a good idea to see if he would be happier somewhere without any feline competition, with one slave all to himself.

Elliott's former owner says:
"The first Tiffanies were bred some 20 years ago. When the Tiffanie breed was in the Assessment stage, Elliott qualified by being awarded four Merits. Elliott's son, Seysiana Barnaby Blue, went on to win 6 Merits and has now retired from showing.  Elliott's daughter, Seysiana Somewhereintime, is a beautiful caramel silver and was once described by a judge as having "an almost ethereal quality".  Through Elliott's sister, Electra, and her daughters, Elliott has lots of nieces and nephews all over the country!"

You can read more about the Tiffanie breed at CatsInfo.com. PetPlanet also has an informative page on Tiffanie cats.

Elliott snoozing

Elliott lived a long and happy life, almost reaching his 19th birthday. He is very much missed.

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