Misty is going to be famous amongst some role play gamers. She makes an appearance in Power and Privilege, The Rosicrucian Covenant Book, written by her friend and mine, David Chart. It was published by Eden Studios in November 2001.

Here she is looking suitably scholarly.

Misty standing in her garden

Misty was taken in by the Blue Cross in Cambridge. She was very young, very thin and pregnant. Home seemed empty and unwelcoming without a feline to rule it, and Misty was very much in need of a good home. She attacked every meal as if it might be stolen from her any minute. She scavenged from anywhere she could, including stealing a defrosting beefburger from a neighbour. Her nervousness didn't last long, fortunately.

Misty sitting in her garden She valued her freedom. One day she didn't come home, and was found a few days later with a badly damaged front leg. The vet couldn't save it. But she managed magnificently on three legs - just didn't get quite so much exercise so she got a little portly.

Sadly, Misty succumbed to problems in her digestive system in November 2004, when she was at least 16 years old. She is much missed.

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