These are the MUGs I have been most closely associated with.

Don't know what a MUG is? This academic review written in 1990, will tell you more than you probably wish to know.


I started playing Shades on Micronet in January 1987 and reached the rank of Malwen the Witch on 16th December 1987. Some said I didn't deserve this honour, and if it was essential to be bloodthirsty and wield a deadly blade, then they are right. I managed by a combination of extreme caution and making friends.

Lap of the Gods

I became Malwen, a demigoddess, in this land. It was a very long haul getting there as a huge number of points is required for deification. However, the intricate system whereby players are encouraged to co-operate in rituals to enhance the value of their offerings meant that making friends was a definite aid to advancement, and was what I like to spend most of my MUG time doing anyway.

The Zone

I was roped into this game at a very early stage in its development. The tale has been told before, but maybe you missed it? Gandalf the Wizard, in Shades (see above), invited me to contribute a Room to his new game. But he went off to the pub without giving me any guidelines. I wrote the Rose Bower. He liked it but explained that everyone else had written bedrooms and there was no sensible place to put a rose bower. So I offered to write a garden for the house that he was writing. And then I wrote the Attic, the underground Temple, the Deer Park, the Stables and, in the end, the rest of the Land. Hence I became Isolde, Imager.

I also wrote the text for some of the mobiles (the kittens being my favorites), puzzles (I like the gargoyle best) and interactions in the game. A special Thank You to Chris Butterworth for making it all work. Jaggery also made a big contribution to making the game special.

Mud II

This game has many incarnations. The one I played most ran at Almac. I was playing via the Internet, with all the unpredictable lag that comes with it. Being a Pacifist suited both my temperament and the lag so I rose to be Malwen the Minstrel before access to that game was lost. I enjoy playing this game whenever I find it lurking on the Internet.
You may find it on telnet or maybe

The Void

I was invited by its creator, Dirk, to write an area for his new game and, by special request, did Narnia where I am Realm Ruler, though very much an absentee one, alas. The first Son of Adam adopted into my realm was Map.


I created the Bard's Guild, its headquarters and magic use of songs and instruments, and was its first Guild Mistress. The game developed greatly, becoming very complex such that it became difficult for me to keep up with the changes as I could not afford the time to play as much as was required. I gave up when its internal reality became too close to real life in matters of eating, clothing, taxation, and breathing.
You can see it by telnet or find out more on the Avalon WWW site.
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