These are the games I play regularly and a few other ones I have especially enjoyed.

Playing in AD&D First edition

The group I game with in London decided to return to a first edition game, using old published adventures. This was meant to remind them all of their early days in gaming. I didn't start until much later, so some of it is new and strange to me. Having been warned that characters are usually short-lived, I started with three prepared, so I have a back-up ready when the inevitable death happens, and will try not to get attached to any of them. I started by bringing out a magic user, so I can experience the frustrations of the players who had one first level spell to cast for the whole day of adventuring.

Splintered Peace

My local gaming group decided to run the whole of Splintered Peace by David Chart. I had been involved in some of the play testing for this but I know how to handle what my character knows, so that was alright. I used my play test character, Merelyd, a 7th level bard. This was great fun and proved a very useful character during the parts of the game where city politics were to the fore. I won't say anything more about the details of the story because I encourage people to go and buy the book and play the game.

When that drew to a close, the group wanted to continue to play together so our kind DM agreed to run something based on an old published module, but continuing to use 3.5e rules. Two of us chose to leave our characters in the city, where they had important roles to play in the aftermath of the first story. So, I got the chance to come up with a character that would be interesting to play outside the city and decided on a Shadow Dancer. This character, Kera of the Shadows, proved very entertaining to play.

Aisha, a rogue and sorcerer

A couple of years ago, the group who played the Timeslip Campaign (see below) decided after so many years that a change was due, and voted for D&D3.5 as the system but the Al Qadim world as the setting. I play a young merchant rogue who is just starting to learn that life outside Huzuz requires rather more survival skills than an ability to bargain well and a winning smile. This game took a break in 2008 and may resume.

Diaspar Campaign

Long ago, in the year when the BRS convention was held at the University of Keele, a few of us were left with an evening to fill once most of the event was over. Ian offered to run an off-the-cuff D&D adventure to last until bedtime. We put together a few short-term characters. No-one wanted to pay the cleric so I took that, and invented Pahoe, a Priestess of the Lava God. This game has continued to run every StabCon and sometimes in between. Characters come and go; Pahoe is one of the few originals left, and she sometimes devotes her time to developing her shrine in the city while others go off adventuring.

AD&D The Timeslip Campaign

For over nine years, a group of friends gathered every few weeks to spend a day adventuring under Chris Bourne as DM. Emily didn't set out adventuring; she went as a missionary to Africa, but she was somehow caught up with a small group of humans and one elf in a great struggle against evil which has so far ranged across four time zones and three universes. Emily spent most of her time patching up the wounds of her companions though she occasionally wielded her parasol or croquet mallet. And she never had a hair out of place, a stain on her dress or a bead of perspiration on her brow. Eventually, she began to win converts, though High Anglicanism was a bit of a novelty in the land she now lives in.

Other players in this campaign with web pages are Donna and Euphoria.

Castle Falkenstein in the Balkans

Virginia Hyde is a garden fanatic who will intrepidly hunt the mountainous regions of the world for new plants to take back to grace her English garden. If she can get a scientific paper out of it to enhance her growing reputation as a botanist, so much the better. Her travels have taken her to Trieste, and an unfortunate entanglement in Southern Italian, Balkan and Turkish politics, abduction by the Unseelie of a house she happened to be inside at the time, a meeting with a most unusual black rose and a little difficulty with the local plumbing.

Like any dutiful Castle Falkenstein character, she kept a Journal.

Ars Magica

Esperanza of House Bonisagus, a newly-gauntleted Maga from Castellar in the Iberian Tribunal, journeyed to Brittany with Jimena, a woman trained in Granada in the Moorish ways of medicine, and two soldiers. Following a debate and vote, the Normandy Tribunal agreed to the founding of a new Covenant at la Roche Caribet and Esperanza joined with four other Magi in this venture. She found all the business of making the chosen location a comfortable place to live and study very tiresome and looked forward to the day when the covenant was sufficiently well-established that she could follow her own research interests, maybe take a familiar and an apprentice, but had numerous adventures while working towards those goals.
The saga had a large website.


The Drones

As long as one is rich enough, went to the right school, has the right relations and is sufficiently deficient in the Old Grey Matter, one can easily become a member of this London Club for idle chaps with an enthusiasm for chucking bread rolls at their chums, betting, trying to touch Oofy for a loan when the bet fails, acquiring a policeman's helmet on Boat Race night, and getting into ludicrous scrapes. When Bertie is in town and can prevail upon Jeeves to solve life's problems for himself and his friends, all is well, but in his absence, one has to get out of fixes some other way.

This role play game, based on the stories of P.G.Wodehouse, was designed by Victoria Uren, Ian Crowther and myself. It is best enjoyed in the mellow after-dinner mood with a few drinks. We are grateful to players at StabCon 1995 and EuroGenCon 1995 for playtesting.

The Skool Rools

There is no point in my going on here about this wonderful game because its creator,
Phil Masters,
has very kindly made it available. Enjoy!

Hania in Al Qadim

Hania the Bargainer made a fairly comfortable living, trading their fine needlecraft for the ladies of the harems in the city. She had had only one adventure to disturb her routine, when what seemed like a simple expedition to return to the palace something taken by a slave girl, who had run away with her poet lover, turned out to involve a malevolent djinni (play test of GURPS Arabian Nights). Things settled back to normal for Hania after this until she was called upon once again to act as intermediary between the merchants and the Palace. She became involved in a heroic expedition into the desert to rescue the young Prince.

This game was being run in Milwaukee USA so I played by email.

Zariel the Summoner in Pathfinder

The local group voted to play the published scenario Serpent's Skull. I chose an Aasimar Summoner who's eidolon is a bipedal pseudo-dinosaur, equipped to fight with bite and claws. As well as throwing her eidolon into the fray to try and absorb damage while other characters get their spells going, her major contributions to combat are to Haste the rest of the party, then hide invisible while summoning other creatures to join the fight - sometimes they even turn up in time to be helpful.

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